He holds my world in His hands.

My Testimony

I had given some thought to sharing some form of personal testimony on this blog. Setting down to write such a document though, is a task that can’t be completed -I could never list all the wonderful things that God has done for me. I could never praise enough His sovereign hand at work in my life. How He continues to work – small testimonies will appear in posts, but I could never pen a complete testimony of all my God has done.

So instead I come to this conclusion, this declaration: every day that I have lived, and continue to live, is in it’s way a testimony. My God has always been there for me, caring for me, preserving me. My Lord has loved me even when I strayed from Him, only to urge me back into His arms by the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

The miracles in my life have been countless. That someone like me should be granted so much grace, mercy, and blessing is testament to how great, loving, kind – how awesome God is.

I could never repay my Lord for all that He has done for me. From dying on the cross for me and for all, to thinking about me enough to not only create me, but to care for me, and bless me with love for Him, a heart that is hungry for Him! The Bible says that he counts the number of hairs upon each person’s head – that is just one example of how intimately he knows us all. He knows our hearts, every thought and motive. He knows us, better than we even know our selves.

How beautiful it feels, to no longer run from such an awesome God, and to instead worship Him daily, to surrender to Him and his loving embrace. To call on Him in times of distress, and thank Him for each blessing, each mercy. To commit everything to His care is wise – He is the only one who knows all, knows what is best, and does what is best, whether we may like it or not.

One response

  1. Reading through this wonderful testimony brings Psalm 71 to mind!
    Thank you for sharing, it’s truly uplifting and encouraged my heart. To God be the glory!

    May God bless you and your loved ones,
    YSIC Cecilie

    September 6, 2011 at 11:23 pm

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